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          Final DOD 2015 Conference Program

Humans experience a wide array of Disasters, which generally fall into two categories:

  1. natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc
  2. unnatural (man made) disasters, such as wars, explosions, wildfires, chemical spills etc

A list of the 25 Worst Natural Disasters Ever Recorded appears in http://list25.com/25-worst-natural-disasters-recorded/

A list of the 25 Biggest Man Made Environmental Disasters In History appears in http://list25.com/25-biggest-man-made-environmental-disasters-in-history/

A list of the 10 Worst Natural Disasters of All Time appears in http://www.disasterium.com/10-worst-natural-disasters-of-all-time/

A list of the 10 Worst Man Made Disasters of All Time appears in http://www.disasterium.com/10-worst-man-made-disasters-of-all-time/

Such disasters wreak utter havoc and provoke extensive large-scale devastation. They also carry extremely serious financial repercussions for nations, organizations and thousands of people. In addition, there is often also significant loss of life and infrastructure and property destruction.

Therefore the study of dynamics of such disasters is an important and worthwhile endeavor, with huge benefits for nations, organizations, companies and individuals.

Conference Themes

The first International conference on Dynamics of Disasters was organized October 5-7, 2006 in Athens, Greece, by Panos M. Pardalos.

The second International conference on Dynamics of Disasters is organized June 29-July 2, 2015 in Kalamata, Greece by Panos M. Pardalos, Anna Nagurney and Ilias S. Kotsireas.

We invite you to participate at the conference, contribute a research paper, give a talk, and exchange ideas of how to study effectively and efficiently Dynamics of Disasters.

Hope to see you in beautiful Kalamata in June/July 2015!

Panos M. Pardalos (Gainesville, Florida, USA), Anna Nagurney (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA), and Ilias S. Kotsireas (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)